Can exchange my item for another?

1. After you have already confirmed an order then a while after you want to exchange the item with another one. You will need to comunicate us by e-mail this change by specifying the number and name of your order so that we advise about availability.

If you exchange only the color, we will check if this color is available or not then update you before shipment.

If you exchange it with another design, we will always check its availability and tell if you have to pay a difference then proceed on shipping the order.

We invite customers to make these changes as quicly as possible, before we ship your order.

2. In a second case, the customer has already received her/his order and wanted to exchange the item with another one. She/he will write us first so that we advise about availability of needed item and color. 

The customer will be told to ship back the item by paying the shipping cost then once we receive it we will proceed on shipping the replacement. Please note that the  shipping cost of this replacement will be put on the customer account too.

Difference of prices will be indicated and paid before shipment