Manage your dropshipping quickly and effortlessly with Florence Leather Market.

Thanks to the new dropshipper service, you can now sell all your Florence Leather Market items directly using your e-commerce website.Once you have registered with the service, you will be able to sell our products using your own online sales platform. By logging in to your personal account with FlorenceLeatherMarket.com, you can place your order which will be delivered directly to your doorstep. Then you can personally customise the shipment of the product to the intended customer.

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Florence Leather Market dropshipping
How does it work

  1. Fill out the registration form

    Click the register button to log on to the Florence Leather Market dropshipping service.

  2. Please wait for our confirmation

    Our staff will assess your application for membership to our dropshipping program and will send you a confirmation as soon as possible with the outcome of your request.

  3. Sell products on your online store

    Thanks to the product line, you can sell items from Florence Leather Market on your online store freely and at your own determined price.

  4. Buy products and ship them to your customers

    Once you receive purchase requests from your online site, you can log in to our system and purchase your desired merchandise which you can then dispatch to the relevant customer.

Become dropshipper
Dropship Basic and Dropship Pro

Thanks to the availability of two different types of dropshipper account, you may choose the partnership mode that best fits your business model.

Dropship Basic

you will enjoy all the benefits of being part of our program, the discount on goods purchase pricing will allow you to achieve a good resale margin.

Dropship Pro

a greater discount is achieved by fulfilling one of two available conditions: a minimum purchase of € 1,000/month (continuously) or a minimum of 30 orders per month.

By activating a Basic account, at any time you can switch to the Pro version and this will occur when one of the two conditions mentioned above are met.

Sign up for
Florence Leather Market's Dropshipping Service

Registering as a"Dropshipper" on our website has many benefits:

  • Being able to sell Florence Leather Market products directly on your online store
  • Gaining access to our product line complete with subsidised prices
  • Receiving orders to your doorstep which can then be packaged and shipped with your logo
  • Determining your own public selling price
  • Selling quality, hand-crafted products
  • Getting discounts and receiving news on retailer specific promotions
  • Trade transparency and supplier assistance

... and many more exclusive benefits for retailers using online stores