Do you have private label services?

Here below are the services with their corresponding prices and the minimum order:



Thank you for writing us.
We would be glad to confirm you that we have private label services, they are here below:

1-Your logo outside our bags costs 100,00 euro (just one payment fee ) to activate the service and make the logo. 

a. Inside logo has an additional cost of 2.00 euro per bag since we will need to emboss your logo on a piece of leather first then sewed it inside the bags.
b. Logo embossed on the hangtags has an additional cost of 3.00 euro per bag.


2- Customization of your inner lining 100,00 euro (one payment fee) to activate the service and 400.00 euro to create the punch needed to emboss your logo on the lining.


 The minimum order is 1000 meters of lining. We will updates about the remaining for your next orders.


3- Customization of the outer dust bags, the price is 100,00 Euro (just once and forever) to activate the services + 1, 50 Euro for each dust bag.

400.00 euro to create the punch to emboss your logo on the dust bag


The minimum order for our private label services is 300,00 euro and at least 5 pieces per color.

However, we can also offer other services. For example using your own design or model of your choice to make a new leather bag for you, starting from a design or a model you send us as a sample. This late service has its own procedure and minimum order of 100 pieces and minimum 10 pieces per color.